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Who’s Roving Beaver?

It was a tough hike. I earned that pastry!

Growing up in Eastern Canada, I’ve lived in Calgary for three years and have called Perth, Western Australia home since 2008. An unexplained love of all things Italian has taken me to Italy three times in three years and I have enjoyed exploring the very large and diverse country of Australia. Besides extension travel throughout Canada, I’ve also traveled throughout Western Europe, Southeast Asia and New Zealand.

I love travelling solo and do so often, but I also love sharing my passion of travelling with my boyfriend and my mom on mother daughter trips. While I’ve done the backpacking through Europe on a shoestring trip, my travel style now is more of a budget but not backpacking level of comfort. I tend to travel for a month at a time, so I try to keep costs down, stay in B&Bs, while still enjoying nice meals and a glass (or two or three) of vino!

Working in Finance for the past 13 years for a large multinational accounting firm helps to fund my true passions of travelling, learning languages and meeting interesting people along the way. I’m also one of those people that to some degree, enjoys planning a trip even more than the trip itself!

I hope my travel experiences will help to inspire you in your trip planning and post-holiday reminiscing.




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