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Four Days in Broome

How to spend a long weekend in Broome

For those who live in Australia or are travelling to the country, it is a well known fact that it is expensive to travel to regional areas. In some cases it’s cheaper to fly to Japan than it is to travel within Western Australia.

But sometimes you get lucky and score a very good deal. Some may say a deal that’s ‘too good to pass up’. We snagged such a deal in mid-July to fly four weeks early. NB – sign up to airline emails so you don’t miss out on ‘happy hour sales’. We booked with Virgin Australia for $150 each way. For those of you not in the know, this is practically unheard of.

Usually our Broome trip coincides with a birthday trip (we’re both born during the first week of August). But we were slack in booking this year, so a mid-August trip would suffice.

 When it comes to hotel accommodation, Broome provides few options for less than $300 a night. But as you’re flying into town and you see this, it all seems worth it: 

Broome Ocean
The view while descending into Broome – the colours are mesmerising!

A note on Broome taxis – despite the short distance of pretty much all trips, taxis are expensive! Expect to pay $15 for a five minute taxi ride. If the time table works for you, consider the Broome town bus, especially if you’re travelling solo. One way tickets are $4 per adult.

This post covers off the highlights for a four days stay in Broome. If I missed any of your favourites, please leave me a comment below so I can add it to the list for next time.

Cable Beach

The white sand of Cable Beach stretches for about 22km, so you will be hard pressed not to find a patch of sand for yourself. With major tide variations, the beach looks completely different if you visit at different times of the day. Check the tide maps here.

Located at the popular area of Cable Beach and next to the surf lifesavers, Beach Hut Hire rents out umbrellas, two different types of beach loungers, snorkel gear, boogie boards and stand up paddle boards. For $25 you can rent an umbrella and two lounge chairs for four hours or $35 for the full day. While I normally stay away from renting equipment, I couldn’t resist and did this two days in a row. The Kimberley sun is strong and having the shade when it gets too hot is priceless. And let’s face it, I was in Broome for the beach and ocean time. The water temperature in August is about 22 degrees, so very fresh!

Low tide at Cable Beach
Low tide at Cable Beach
Cable Beach Umbrella
Our beach set up on Cable Beach – someone is enjoying himself! The guys from Beach Hut Hire will set up your umbrella and chairs wherever you want them. Just ask!

Besides the endless beach, Cable Beach is also known for its camels. There are a few companies that provide several tours each day, with the sunset tour being the most popular. To take a tour or to see the camels, if starting at Cable Beach Resort, head to the beach and turn right. You’ll see three companies with representatives ready to book a camel ride. Otherwise, you can book before you arrive in Broome contacting the companies directly.

If the thought of riding a camel doesn’t interest you, there’s always the option of watching the camels from the beach. As long as you head north along the beach from the Cable Beach Resort, you’re guaranteed to see them!

Camels on Cable Beach
Camels on Cable Beach. You don’t have to pay to see them. Just go for a walk along the beach while the tours are operating.

I have to admit being on the camel was pretty scary at first because you’re fairly high off the ground. Once I got over that, it was a really cool experience, though I recall being a bit sore by the end of it! Add in the sunset over Cable Beach and it’s a bucket list item ticked off!

Camel ride on Cable Beach
A throwback to our first trip to Broome in 2012 and a camel ride on Cable Beach

Here are links to a few Camel ride operators. If you want a single camel ride down the beach, all operators provide a similar service. Check out all the operators if you’re looking for more bells and whistles to see what else they have on offer.

Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point is located at the southern end of Cable Beach, about a 10 minute drive from Cable Beach Resort or a 7km walk along the beach. The area is known for its dinosaur prints that can be view by climbing down the rocks at low (2m) tide. Since I didn’t have a car, I opted for Broome town bus which goes to Gantheume Point from the Cable Beach area once a day (the first route of the day). The bus drops you off at the entrance to the beach which is also next to the Broome Turf Club. The bus doesn’t return to the area until the next morning, so you either need to call a taxi to return to your accommodation, or walk along the beach like I did.

After getting dropped off by the bus, you have to continue down the dirt road for another 500m to reach Gantheaume Point. I didn’t know this, and walked to the beach, turned left and followed the water until I realised I was going to have to climb up a cliff. I ended up finding a path through the bush back up to the road and continued from there. Despite being momentarily lost, the beach between the road to Cable Beach and Gantheaume Point is worth the detour and it’s pretty easy to find your way back to the road.

The walk along the beach with Gantheaume Point in the distance

Sights at Gantheaume Point include the lighthouse and the lightkeeper’s house as well as 130 million year old dinosaur prints. The original prints are only viewable at very low tide. For those who don’t time their visit for low tide, there are replicas to view higher above sea level. I looked around when I visited and couldn’t find them. Let me know in the comments below about how to find them for next time!

I visited the area around 8am and I had the entire area to myself for almost a half hour. It is such a unique area, with the bright orange rock formations and the turquoise water. It really is difficult to describe.

Rock formations at Gantheaume Point
Rock formations at Gantheaume Point – this is what I picture the moon looking like, though minus the water!
Gantheaume Point rocks
Since there was no one else around, I had to try perching my iPhone on the very tricky rocks to get a photo that wasn’t crooked. This picture took about 20 attempts to get sort of right

After taking in the pretty at Gantheaume Point, I had the rather hot walk back along Cable Beach to my resort. By the time I was finished, it was pretty hot, so I recommend an early morning stroll if you’re looking to walk along the beach. There is no infrastructure along the full 7km stretch, so bring water, hat and plenty of sunscreen!

Cable Beach walk
The view of Cable Beach looking back at Gantheaume Point. There’s not much to see besides lots of sand and epic ocean views. If you’re into that sort of thing …

Horizontal Falls

Seeing as this was my “I’ve just quit my job so I want to treat myself before I start my new one” trip, I decided to splurge on a day trip to Horizontal Falls. To read about my day trip in more detail click here. The trip was a once in a lifetime experience and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to experience a very unique natural phenomenon and also doesn’t have a fear of flying!

Approaching the Horizontal Falls from a seaplane

Staircase to the Moon

My trip happened to coincide with the Staircase to the Moon, a natural phenomenon that occurs three days per month during March to October. For a list of dates in 2019 and 2020, click here.

I have to admit that the beauty and emotional reaction of watching the of the moon rising caught me a bit off guard. Prior to seeing it, I only knew that you watch the moon rise with the tidal flats in the foreground, so it looks like a staircase up to the moon. Wanting to have a couple drinks, we went to Mangrove Hotel to watch it (highly recommended for its beer garden area). They had didgeridoo music playing, creating a bit of atmosphere and then as the moon rose and the ‘staircase’ appeared. It really was quite an emotional thing to see.

Unfortunately there were plenty of people also watching it, but through their cameras trying repeatedly to take a photo of it. Needless to say, using a flash on a camera to take a picture of the moon rising wasn’t working. The woman in front of me tried 20 plus times and then eventually gave up. So besides the ridiculous tourists distracting others with their flash and phone screens, it was pretty epic!

I spoke to a few people who had planned their trip to Broome to make sure they could see it, which prior to seeing it, I would have thought was a bit odd. But after watching it, I’m a convert!

Broome Town Markets

Coinciding with the Staircase to the Moon, are markets with the same name. Located at Broome Town Beach (about 15 minutes walking distance south of the Mangrove Hotel), the markets have a variety of food options and stalls selling things like jewellery, clothing, wood art and coffee. We had a decent and reasonably priced meal here while listening to a busker playing guitar.  If you’re looking for alcoholic drinks, you might want to stop in at the nearby Matso’s Brewery, a Broome-must visit, especially if you like ginger beer (and mango flavoured ginger beer), such as these that we bought at Zander’s Cable Beach.

Matso's ginger beer
Matso’s ginger beer. A must-try if you like beer of the ginger variety, or let’s face it, if you’re thirsty!

Broome Courthouse Markets and Broome town centre

The Broome Courthouse Markets operate Saturday mornings all year and Sunday mornings from Easter weekend until October. Of all the markets I’ve been to, these are on the higher end of the scale. There are lots of artists, jewellery, food options and even thai massage (I couldn’t help myself – and the price is much cheaper than at their store location in town).  They are definitely worth a walkthrough if you’re in town on a Saturday or Sunday.

Broome Courthouse Markets
Broome Courthouse Markets – I would guess that there are over 50 stalls. This is only a small section of the markets.

Broome’s town centre is fairly small, so it doesn’t take long to explore. There are a variety of decent cafes, mostly located on Carnarvon Street and Dampier Terrace and the laneways in between the two streets.

While the town area is called China Town, don’t expect to be overwhelmed by Chinese food options. The town received its name due to an influx of Asian immigrants when pearling was very popular in the late 1880s. Besides cafes and restaurants, you’ll also find a number of high end pearl stores, a local photographer and a variety of beachwear and clothing shops. You’ll also find a decent sized Coles supermarket, which will be useful for stocking up on groceries if you’re self-catering.

Accommodation and Dining

On this trip, I’d booked a one bedroom apartment at Seashells Broome for the four nights. The one bedroom apartments are in single block at the rear of the property and away from the massive swimming pool. I was more than fine with the location, since I didn’t feel like being woken up by a bunch of kids wanting to swim at 7am 🙂 The apartment was very spacious, clean, and my little piece of heaven for four days. I would return to Seashells without hesitation.

The resort is set just off the main road that heads to the beach. There is a bus stop 50m from reception, the walk to the beach takes less than 10 minutes, with another 5 minutes to Cable Beach Resort. There is a very popular restaurant next door called the Zookeepers Store. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and their coffee is excellent. The dinner options are some of the best in Broome, though the portions aren’t overly generous. I especially enjoyed their breakfast options, and the service was friendly and welcoming.

Breakfast at Zookeepers Store
Breakfast at the Zookeepers Store – the best idea ever for those of us who have a tough time deciding –  Half & half board – Smashed avocado and poached egg on ciabatta, mini overnight muesli & fresh fruit

Besides visiting the Zookeepers Store multiple times, other restaurants we visited:

  • Divers Tavern – very popular pub with TVs for sport, a bistro serving generous portions of pub style favourites and another external “beach bar”. On the night we ate at Divers, the Miss Broome 2017 competition was on!
  • Green Mango – an ok cafe in Broome’s town centre
  • Zanders at Cable Beach – the location is fantastic being directly on Cable Beach. The food was hit and miss, but the beers were always cold!
  • Cable Beach Sunset Bar – we grabbed a prime table for the sunset and had a couple cocktails, taking in the view, including the camel trains heading home for the evening. The cocktails are pricey, but the view is superb.
Sunset cocktails Cable Beach
Sunset cocktails at the Cable Beach Bar and Grill

Overall I loved Broome and getting immersed into “Broome Time” was a real treat. With only a short two hour flight from Perth, it’s an excellent option for a short, relaxing getaway.

Have you visited Broome? Are there any sights that I missed? I’m always looking for ideas and feedback. 

I visited Broome in August 2012, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

I'd love to hear from you. Add your comments to the discussion below!

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