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My classmates at the Lucca Italian School

Review of the Lucca Italian School

In September 2016, I spent two weeks studying Italian at Lucca Italian School. Prior to selecting a language school, I spent a lot of time trying to research schools throughout the country. While there are a few review sites available, detailed first hand accounts written by past students...

An afternoon in Assisi

An Afternoon in Assisi While attending an Italian school for a week in Todi, I visited Assisi as an afternoon trip organised by the school. The very religious town of Assisi is an Unesco heritage site and is best known as the birthplace of Saint Francis. Located a bit closer to Todi than...

A short trip to Orvieto

Day two of a week long trip to Todi, Umbria to spend a week learning Italian. On this day, I also did a short trip to see the Duomo in nearby Orvieto.

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