A short trip to Orvieto

Day two of a week long trip to Todi, Umbria to spend a week learning Italian. On this day, I also did a short trip to see the Duomo in nearby Orvieto.

A short trip to Orvieto

While attending an Italian school for a week in Todi, I visited Orvieto for a few hours, leaving Todi in the middle of the afternoon. The drive to Orvieto was mostly on a very windy road and also passed by a beautiful lake. After all the turns, I was very happy to arrive in town!

If arriving by car you’ll most likely arrive at a parking lot nearby the funicular station. If you’re arriving by train, you’ll need to hop on the funicular (cable car) that takes you up to the old town perched on the top of the hill.

While Orvieto has a series of streets, there’s a main street (Corso Cavour) that starts at the funicular and parking lot and weaves through the heart of the town. Along the way you’ll pass by lots of tempting shops, selling leather goods, souvenirs, gelato and meats like this:

Orvieto wild boar
Cinghiale (wild boar) is a local speciality and you’ll find it in pretty much every restaurant in Orvieto.

The main sight in Orvieto is its towering Duomo (Cathedral), located off Corso Cavour by taking Via Del Duomo. There are several signs around town that will direct you to the Duomo or follow the tourist crowds!

Orvieto Cathedral
The Duomo with its mesmerising dark green and white marble exterior and well, there’s not a word that can adequately describe the facade but ‘WOW”!
Orvieto cathedral
I could have starred up at this view all day
Orvieto Cathedral Interior frescos
Interior frescos
Check out that ceiling!
Random stranger in the picture to provide an idea of the scale of the cathedral


One of a kind!

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Have you visited Orvieto? What are your favourite sights?


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