Polignano A mare

Polignano a Mare and Monopoli

For this part of Puglia, many people choose to stay in either Polignano a Mare or Monopoli. So how do you pick between the two? Polignano has a small and very quaint centro storico, beautiful views (including its very picturesque cliff-flanked beach) and is fairly easy to get around...

The beautiful skyline that is possible to see with only 24 hours in Florence

How to spend 24 hours in Florence

While I would never recommend that you try to ‘see’ Florence in 24 hours, sometimes that’s all the time you have. If that’s the case and you’re wondering if you should ‘bother’ seeing this historically significant city, I would say to go for it...

The view along the walk to the castle

Four days in Varenna, Lake Como

During a recent trip to Northern Italy, we spent four glorious days and four nights in Varenna. When you think of picturesque, multi-coloured houses on a lake with the cutest town centre, Varenna is probably what comes to mind. Set in the middle of Lake Como, we selected it as a base for...