Day 5 – Last day of school for week one

The last day of school for week one of a two week trip to Lucca to study Italian.

I don’t know if all the students are feeling the same way, but I was tired again this morning! The food filled sleep didn’t help, nor did the wine, but I managed to make it to school on time.

Today, being the last lesson for everyone but me in my class of seven, we focussed on finishing the game from the day before, and going through more occasions where we would use the conditional tense. The activity involved providing reasons why it would be good to: stop smoking, start a diet, get married, buy a computer, etc. The responses were meant to be replied with “you could…” or “you would” and this was all done in pairs to have a conversation with the other person. By the end of the week I feel fairly confident in using the tense, which for me was a bit of an enigma before this week. Having a fairly sensical chat is also starting to get easier. This is definitely a combination of the classes and the speaking Italian outside of class with classmates (and those unfortunate strangers I decide to chat to!)

After many goodbyes at the school, I had lunch with a few people from the school, two of which are staying the next week as well. I finally bought a full pizza all for myself, this one with proscuitto e funghi. Not bad and set me up well to have my afternoon nap!

la pizza con prosciutto e funghi 

In the evening I took advantage of the slightly rainy evening and wandered around the city without many people being out and about. For dinner I bought a bunch of vegetables and some chicken and had a very light dinner. Otherwise, with all this pasta and pizza, I won’t be able to fit into my clothes in a couple of weeks!

Sunset while walking along le mura
Piazza Cittadella with the statue of Puccini smoking a cigarette

Next stop is Bologna in the morning!

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