Deane’s arrival day in Rome!

It was an early start in Spoleto to catch my train to Rome (I’d pre-purchased my ticket about 3 months in advance). I still wasn’t feeling very well but thought I’d buy some water and tissues somewhere along the walk, or at the very least, the train station. But being a Sunday morning, not one single store, bar or cafe was open. It was a long, thirsty 1.5 hour train ride to Rome. (note to self – always have water with me!)

Arriving in Rome at 10am, I had a half hour before Deane’s flight was due to land. I tried to check my big bag in at the station so I wouldn’t have to lug it around, but decided against it when I saw about 50 people waiting in line. Instead, I walked over to Bar Fondi, a couple minutes walking time from the station. It was much more of a comfortable wait, the cappuccino was good and there was free wifi. Around 11am, Deane messaged saying she was making her way to the train. After a few messages back and forth, her train ticket on the Leonardo Express was purchased and she was heading to the train. This made my job easier, since I knew which train she’d be on. I’d told her to get off the train, and walk to the ‘nose’ and to wait there and I’d find her. What I didn’t know, is that there is now a huge wall up at the station and only people with tickets can access the platforms. Seeing her train arrive with lots of people getting off, I finally saw her and she’d stopped near the ‘nose’. I could see her through the glass and was frantically waving hoping she’d see me. Eventually she did and it was smiles all around. She’d made it to Termini Station all by herself! Another notch on the world traveller belt!

‘Reunited and it feels so good!”

We had over three hours to wait for our train to Lecce. There’s an excellent seating area on the second level of the station with a few different restaurant, bar and cafe options. We found a table in the general seating area and had a couple hot drinks and snacks while passing the time. By 2:30pm we were both very exhausted and our train finally showed up on the departures board. YAY! Finding our train, we found our carriage and thanks to booking the tickets three or so months previously we had two seats with no seats across from us so no looking at strangers and plenty of leg room, which was great seeing as our train ride was 5.5 hours….

The ride passed by fairly quickly and before we knew it, we’d arrived in Lecce just after 8:30pm and walked 10 minutes to our B&B for the next two nights, B&B La Domentica. Fortunately the host was there when we arrived (I told him we were coming in on the train), otherwise the area was a bit dodgy and I’m not sure where else we could have found to stay. The host talked and talked and talked some more explaining all the various places to see, eat, etc. I was so tired and feeling unwell all I wanted him to do was leave and for me to have a shower and fall asleep! It’s a shame the most helpful B&B host I think I’ve ever had caught me on a bad day! We got through the whole checkin process in about a half hour in a mix of English and Italian. Then it was cold medication and I was out for the night.

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