John Forrest National Park

Only 24 km or a 30 minute drive from Perth, John Forrest National Park is Western Australia’s first national park, proclaimed in November 1900. Originally arriving in the park by train in the early 1900s, visitors have enjoyed the park for over 100 years for its natural beauty.

The main area of the park includes the barbecue and picnic area, restrooms (surprisingly clean, lots of TP, but no hand soap) and a tavern. The rest of the park is largely undeveloped and is home to a variety of plant communities and wildlife.

The park has two waterfalls that flow in winter and spring – Hovea and National Park Falls. Hovea’s falls cascade down a large granite sheet while National Park Falls drops sharply over 20 metres of sheer rock face.

Several trails run through various parts of the park, including the Railway Heritage Trail, which follows the alignment of the old railway line to York. The Eagle View Walk Trail is a 15 km bush walk which was established by the Perth Bushwalkers Club from 1993 to 1998. Walkers are asked to register at the Ranger’s office before starting the climb and signing out on returning. This bushwalking circuit leads to some of the park’s less explored areas.

Hovea Falls
Small section of the picnic and barbecue area
Slow moving river near the picnic area
Part of the trail running parallel to the Railway Heritage Trail, on the north side of the river.
National Park Falls
Looking down at the National Park Falls from the Railway Heritage Trail


Part of the Railway Heritage Trail – the former site of the railway, now a perfectly flat and wide trail
We had to cross the river to get back onto the Heritage Rail Trail after crossing to the other side further up the river. Water levels will change drastically depending on the time of year. We visited in July 2016.



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